Road to Ruin

March 23, 2015

Single #1, Road to Ruin is out now! Road to Ruin by WE ALL WANT TO Get it for free when you pre-order the album on iTunes!

Album#3 – THE HAZE

March 16, 2015

May 8th 2015 sees the release of our third album THE HAZE. This has been the most difficult of all our albums to make, in fact it pretty much broke the band. But we’ll be back! – And with a new line up this year. We’re a band used to change, the same thing happened … Read More


February 26, 2015

And so it goes with the coming of a pretty different new album, the seasonal WAWT lineup change. We’re hiring, call us. It seems every album we take everything apart and put it together again. Last time round Josh had flown the nest before we’d even shot the back cover photo for Come Up Invisible. … Read More

A Band On Ship 2014!

October 6, 2014

Last year we got together on a boat, chugged up and down the river, and blasted out our easiest 12 songs whilst drinking $4 beers and eating $1 packets of chips. It ruled. So much in fact that we’re doing it again for our last gig of whgat has been a very busy year. Get … Read More

Take The Lead II: Chicas

September 29, 2014

We return to our tradition of passing-the-microphone for a one-off show at The Old Museum on Thursday 6th November. “Take The Lead II” will feature 8 guest singers, all of them local, contemporary, sassy and – female. Guests will re-interpret 2 of our songs each in varied, spontaneous, new and unexpected ways. The spotlight will … Read More

Our new album

September 4, 2014

We’ve been pretty quiet lately – that’s because we HAVEN’T. We’ve been recording our new album. We have 14 songs almost completed, and we’re super happy with them! The rough titles are: Afraid Boots Wish you didn’t go straight Party Girls Road To Ruin Broken Glass Young Love Everybody’s Damaged The Haze Wires Taste Danger … Read More