the boss

I don’t mean Springsteen-like, I just mean that whenever I think of Dom I get this sense of calm and surrender going on. I know for example that if we never rehearsed once with him he saunter on stage and nail his song as if he’s been touring it incessantly since ’85 they recognise him in the bars and streets of Madrid, and toast his legacy when he gets up for a piss. That said, we are going to rehearse, and it’s still gonna be peachy. Dom used to front excellent band The Rocketsmiths.. before he decided to bust out on his own. Ditch the shackles Dom, fly, fly high.

“Miller is easily part of the Brisbane furniture and extending on that analogy, he’s a comfy recliner as he warmly enchants the crowd with warm banter and cleverly executed folk songs, including one highlight towards the end called Gone Away and a cover of The Beatles’ White Album favourite Rocky Raccoon.”