They walk amongst us

I’m not sure what planet Seja comes from. Whichever one it is it must be pretty serene there. I’m thinking Neptune. Serenity, and quasi god-like abilities in all musical fields. I tell you what, evolution has taken on a very definite angle on this planet. I can’t help being reminded of the whale call-like sounds drifting across galaxies and making those it passes gaze up at the sky in stunned wonderment. And stranger still, all these sounds would come from a life size all felt keyboard. Being played – you guessed it – by Seja.

Catch her next earth transit as she joins us mere mortals to Take The Lead.

An insular, reflective record bursting with breathtaking pop melodies, Secrets seems designed for dancing around the bedroom more than at the club. It’s also a much-deserved spotlight on Seja Vogel, who has come into her own at long last.. Mess&Noise