Yeah – he’s got red hair but that’s not even what I’m talking about. In the 90s we appropriated a saying from surfers “Goes Off”. Shit was going off left right and centre.. it was a pretty off-going time. Anyway, you get where I’m driving with this right..? Let’s not dwell in the past, pay attention, we have the present to address, and Chuck is gonna address it head on with a mic in his hand. He’s also the 4th VERY TALL dude we have on board, seriously there’s like an Eiffel Tower of chaps on stage, lucky it’s a high room.

Babaganouj: “This band is a beautiful nod to the past with a foot largely planted in the future development of sophisticated guitar music. I can’t wait for this band to release a full length because the enjoyment I’ve felt from this EP would be elevated tenfold if we got a full record. Check this sweet slice of music out as soon as you can..”

‘It’s Rainin’ It’s Summer’ boasts a plethora of guitar riffs taken from the Sixties, backup vocals straight out of a Grouplove song, and sounds like the title track from an Eighties coming-of-age film. This combination amounts to a sum total of awesome.

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