As if we don’t have enough else going on, we decided to knock together an EP for the American promo disc of NO SIGNS!

This killer collection is like a pizza with everything in the whole shop on top, including the latex gloves and the drinks machine.

It features mostly songs you HAVE heard before: a few tracks from the debut album, a couple from the NO SIGNS EP and one song you definitely haven’t heard before: Tim’s NOT THE SAME with additional backing vocals by Skye. We have these in very limited numbers (like under 100) and will be selling them here on the site and out on tour until they’re all gone. CD only, no digital version.


  1. No Signs
  2. Back To The Car
  3. Mindless Damage
  4. Japan
  5. Mission Viejo
  6. Secret Agents
  7. I’ve Been Listening To You For Too Long
  8. Trigger Fingers
  9. Not The Same
  10. June & July