Jeremy will come along in the middle of the night with a box of matches and a can of lighter fuel and SET THE SCENE ALIGHT. He plays in tons of bands, he sings, drums, plays guitar, writes killer pop songs, the whole kaboodle. He wears his guitar up around his armpits and pulls it off without a glance. Kinda like wiping the table of the Ramones-esque long strap stance which has – well, kinda ruled – for a long time. I accidentally tuned into that radio station which used to be good yesterday and Jeremy was the only good thing on it.

“Every song is so instant and swimming in hooks and melody. They’re also all, maybe more importantly, completely memorable, deployed by a band with obvious knowledge of how pop songs work. Neale himself gives the performance a sheen of heartfelt precision, with ever-present charm and a voice which is pretty and forceful in equal measures.”