Chris Dale

April 8, 2013

walk the line He came in the middle of the night, opened his acoustic guitar case and performed SHINE to Skye. It reduced her to a blubbering mess. Yep, we’re letting the cat out of the bag on this one. Chris is doing SHINE. Bring your tissues. Chris is like Zorro, he comes quietly, in … Read More

Jeremy Neale

April 8, 2013

THE LIGHTNING BOLT Jeremy will come along in the middle of the night with a box of matches and a can of lighter fuel and SET THE SCENE ALIGHT. He plays in tons of bands, he sings, drums, plays guitar, writes killer pop songs, the whole kaboodle. He wears his guitar up around his armpits … Read More


March 27, 2013

They walk amongst us I’m not sure what planet Seja comes from. Whichever one it is it must be pretty serene there. I’m thinking Neptune. Serenity, and quasi god-like abilities in all musical fields. I tell you what, evolution has taken on a very definite angle on this planet. I can’t help being reminded of … Read More

Charles Sale

March 26, 2013

INCENDIARY DEVICE Yeah – he’s got red hair but that’s not even what I’m talking about. In the 90s we appropriated a saying from surfers “Goes Off”. Shit was going off left right and centre.. it was a pretty off-going time. Anyway, you get where I’m driving with this right..? Let’s not dwell in the … Read More

Hannah Shepherd

March 22, 2013

The Rainbow Warrior Hannah takes the creation of perfect effortless pop to new levels, crashing through the seas of mediocrity with her brightly coloured flags flying high. She’s on a mission to sock it to the man, and conquer the world with great music, great moves and a little bit of sunshine. All hands on … Read More


March 20, 2013

Shot by Wade Higgins and Peter Fragoudakis, edited by Nick Banner, Brisbane 2012-2013. Stars all the band members plus a whole bunch of our awesome friends.

Sabrina Lawrie

March 17, 2013

ROCK SALT / CRACKED PEPPER Good things come in small packages: Sabrina is the master of disaster, the reason for the season, the rock in your boot, the ciggy butt in your beer. She’s got the kind of voice that makes you feel like a sissy and that makes you want to go back to … Read More

Take The Lead!

March 16, 2013

We are kicking off our national NO SIGNS tour with a really special event at The Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane on Friday 19th April. WE ALL WANT TO: TAKE THE LEAD! This gig will feature 16 guest singers, each performing one of our songs with us. We will do Come Up Invisible in its … Read More