Modern Morning MOD003 // November 13th, 2020

Our singles album, spanning 2009 – 2020. This features all four major line ups of the band, and songs from each album – most of which were actual singles, others were “shoulda-beens”. Also a couple of standalone single releases like You Used to be Funny, and Streets of Your Town.

The engineers: Darek Mudge, Branko Cosic, Bryce Moorhead, Keelan Sanders, Sep V, Magoo, Tim Steward.

The players: Tim Steward, Skye Staniford, Dan McNaulty, Scott Mercer, Arron Bool, Morgan Hann, Darek Mudge, Melissa Fraser, Josh Thomson, Ben Thomson, Paul Daly & Todd Hutchinson.

It’s a thrill to finally get these out on vinyl. Artwork by Matt at No.7 Print House.

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Touching Electricity


Limited once-only run of 50 vinyl copies.

Touching Electricity, On The Dots, The Haze, Come Up Invisible 4 x 12″ vinyl set.
Or: Touching Electricity vinyl, + On The Dots, The Haze, Come Up Invisible AND our debut album all on CD.

Hand-numbered, hand-silk-screened cover and outer packaging.

Vinyl will arrive in Australia in December 2020. Digital download codes will be sent on 6th November – one week before official release.

We can deliver this to you if you live close by, otherwise we’ll pack it up safely and post it to you the moment they arrive.

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4 x Vinyl pack, 1 x Vinyl + 4 CD pack


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