WAWT005 // September 2, 2019

This is the companion album to On The Dots.

The album includes Tim’s original demos when he was in London in 2016, for the Grant McLennan Fellowship, which we added some of Skye’s vocals and flute to – including one which got left behind; Try To Remember the Good Times Too. There are also two album out-takes, Nobody Right Now, and All Day, Scott’s first song for the band. There is a remix of Bottles, and an acoustic version of Hospital Carpark, recorded by Scott for his podcast Gimme Empathy. Lastly there are two songs which we took right back down to basics and re-recorded for this release, Complacent and Shock Absorber.

Recorded by Tim, Scott, Branko Cosic, Bryce Moorhead, Sep V, Jeff Lovejoy and Darek Mudge in Uki & Brisbane, 2017-2018. Mixed by Keelan Sanders, Magoo, Mick Borkowski and Tim Steward. Mastered by Bryce Moorhead at Zero Interference, Brisbane.

Words by Tim and Skye. All music written and performed by Tim, Skye, Dan, Scott and Arron, 2015 – 2019.