P1-47 / April 5th 2013

The record is a turning point for the band, as it features a couple of songs with the old Josh / Ben line up, as well as newer recordings with the Darek / Mel line up.

We recorded and mixed it at The Shed, with Darek at the controls.

Cover star is Juma Jackson, and we were joined on keyboards by Morgan Hann of Grand Atlantic.



No Signs EP


Digipack CD version.

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IT’S too late to stop now: just a few months after delivering blazing album Come Up Invisible, Tim Steward and friends in Brisbane band We All Want To are showing no signs of hiding or running out of steam with this equally high-grade eight-track selection. ..Steward’s razor-sharp rock ‘n’ roll philosophy ..the frankly jaw- dropping Mindless Damage, a power-pop tune complete with Townshendian-chord flourishes and a lyric to break your heart. Also ace: an acoustic version of Ramp Up the Bleeding, minus the volume but not the power. Courier Mail

Coming a mere seven months after their sophomore long player, this eight-track E.P. is the sassy sidekick to 2012’s outstanding Come Up Invisible and perfectly encapsulates the fervour and spirit within this collective. Led by indie stalwart Tim Steward (Screamfeeder) and co-vocalist Skye Staniford, We All Want To have presented No Signs as a transitional piece of work that showcases the best of an evolving band lineup. Reverbstreetpress.com

“Ramp Up The Bleeding” as a rock song is beautiful but in this minimal acoustic version the ache of the lyrics is amplified. I almost prefer this laid back version of the song and I want to hear Tim Steward croon more like this. No Signs is a vital companion to “Come Up Invisible”, you need to own this if you loved what We All Want To did on the album. It leaves me wondering what the band will do next. After hearing the amazing acoustic version of “Ramp Up The Bleeding” I’m left feeling that I’d love to hear more of that, but that is the beautiful thing about a band like We All Want To, they can do whatever the fuck they want because they are such accomplished songwriters. The future is a beautiful one for We All Want To and I look forward to hearing what happens with album number three. Heavy and Weird