Ahh, it’s so tempting to break out the “new kid on the block” one, every street press in the country would have jumped at the chance. What a sad legacy, the only time people throw your band’s name around these days is when it’s 4.30 in the afternoon, the copy’s meant to be on the sub editor’s desk at 4.45, and you’ve had one too many lagers at lunchtime, so you fall back on some lazy and ever so slightly over used cliche as the heading of the article.

I guess a name like We All Want To is a journalist’s dream too. I can’t wait to see what golden nuggets they come up with.. oh, the things We are going to Want to do..

Anyway, we have a new member!! It’s Josh, and he plays guitar. He also plays bass, keyboards and bouzouki. He also has the WAWT wear down pat. What a dude. Say hello!