What??? Don’t worry..we’ve created our own mondegreen…well it’s pretty close to a mondegreen. What’s a mondegreen? We’re glad you asked…just look here.

Just so Bono and his mates don’t go dragging us through law suit the whole line is…’if you sleep by the incinerator YOU TOO are gonna get cremated…sooner or later’.

So yeah we’ve been well immersed in the schedule and if you check out our Facebook you’ll see the progress chart to date real soon. We’re last day in at The Shed churning through last little bits of percussion takes, backing vocals and instrumentation.

Because it’s been a few days in between posts let us bring you up to date. So far the Vocal take predictor App has developed all kinds of additional possibilities taking into account which guitars are likely to be used on which track..oh and just for the punters…a guess which guitar we used here level. If we don’t make a squillion on the album WAWT Apps inc will more than sort us for old age.

Nightly catering has been nothing short of top shelf and we’re even considering branching out into WAWT catering inc as well..you know..just for that special touch.

Piece of toast gag is still alive and well and the gets are still getting got at a faster rate than ever.

Darek is The Wavemaster – Master of Waves