A big weekend in WAWT ‘ville. Friday night we played The Globe Theatre in support of The Daniel Morcombe Foundation. A solid show, prolly not our best ever but some nice comments came our way. Thanks to Kate Bradley for all her hard work organsing things. Also, big thanks to Ellie for donating her kit as the backline for the evening. Good to see Terry again, new do n’ all!! Looking good Terry!!!

This weekend has us bunkered in at Blackbox studios with Magoo (of all kinds of mixing and ARIA award winning fame). We scheduled three tracks for the weekend and thus far drums are done for all. Today will be a driven marass of hardwork and graft getting everything done, but we’ll be loving it don’t worry. Gits, vocals, keys, some bass parts and general trinketty bits and overdubs will also need doing. Mixing will come later.

Don’t forget these tracks will eventually end up on our full length album out later this year.

Right now, it’s breakfast at Fort Fred. Skye is working feverishly on GB&GV production; todd is I phoning the latest in mp3goodness..Tim is on his way over and it’ll be coffee and toast fiesta..

Keep an eye out for more updates from recording later today..

right..now where’s that coffee??