Back To The Car

(Low Transit Industries)
There’s some great indie rock singer songwriters around the world who quietly go about their business, plugging away making great music year after, without the riches of mass mainstream acceptance as a reward. Ohio has Robert Pollard, North Carolina has Superchunk’s Mac McGaughan and Queensland has Tim Steward. He’s found a new home on the excellent LTI label, and his new outfit We All Want To delivers another four tracks of the kind of hook laden, lyrically subtle, quiet brilliance that we’ve all come to take for granted. Its great having the re-release of Screamfeeder’s Kitten Licks to get excitedly nostalgic about, but even greater is the thrill of hearing these songs, performed by Tim with a brand new band, helping him to breathe life into a new era of great singalong indie anthems like ‘Back To The Car’. Steward, and more importantly Brisbane, should be very proud.