So why didn’t we blog Day 1?   Well because we were all so busy tracking our little hearts out. So here’s the break down from Day 1 – Drums, bass, vocals guitars and keys all tracked for one number.  Dinner late and lager in between, chipfest and chocolate to accompany the lager. See pics.   Sunday night’s catering came courtesy of Skye with a fabulous spinach and almond soup.

Day 2 – Drums and bass tracked for three songs. some more guitars and vocal duties for Skye and Tim.  Lager and chocolate make the in between musings move along nicely.  Catering Monday sorted by Tim with his famous Red Thai curry.

Day 3 – Dan and Ben get a rest being three tracks up.  Vocals, guitars and keys on Day 2 work are currently being taken care of, with Josh slaving away over a rare Burns London six string bass.  Keep an eye out for the photo posts because it’s gear fest folks.  Tuesday night catering courtesy of well known homegrown pizza chain.   Sadly we’re out of lager but are working to rectify that rather quickly.

So things to keep an eye out for:  More posts from this evening’s efforts…AND our new Youtube channel which will come online from tomorrow hosting all the tid bits of video etc from tracking and general farnarkling.

Stay tooned


Ok so tonight’s sojourn into representational discourse had us nailing down some final bass lines tidyings and starting drums, bass and bouzouki on a new track.  Vocals for that one and guitar will be nailed down tomorrow.  Track titles are as yet not out and proud as we’re still kinda living with working titles and some undecideds.  So for the moment those details will remain flakey and a tad vague.

Plan is to get down a sizeable quantity of drum tracks by dinner tomorrow.  Reckon we can do it?  I reckon we can.

On other points of note..Skye has invented a potion to open the vocal chords, but I have it as needing more Jamesons and less cider vinegar.  Darek and Tim are to set to meet head to head in a pizza eating comp next Tuesday night, the goal being who can get through a largey first.  I’ll be calling for bets closer to the day.

G’dnite folks.