the really well wrapped birthday present

McKiskoWe couldn’t resist asking McKisko to join the bill. God, we need some subtlety, mystery and finesse. ENTRANCING is another pretty good word. Talent is another one. VOICE is yet another.. those 5 letters say so much, with so many meanings. Honesty, Rawness, Lo-fi goodness, ah the list goes on.

Let Franzmann’s plaintive voice – a voice as unique as Nico’s or Joni Mitchell’s – guide you through the spare but effective arrangements on the album, which are something like Bill Callahan’s later work as Smog augmented by some baroque flourishes from Misery Is A Butterfly-era Blonde Redhead. Then, once you have soaked up the sheer minimalist beauty of songs such as Undertow or Thankful Tangle, you’ll understand exactly why this short, restrained album (it clocks in at just over half an hour, certainly not outstaying its welcome) is so exciting. If you’re yet to discover McKisko, there’s never been a better time.” ****½ Rave Mag

”..her voice is so full of raw intensity that it packs a heart-rending punch. Even on the more uptempo songs there is a warped broodiness lurking just under the surface. This is a totally engaging and thoroughly exhilirating listen.”  **** Sydney Morning Herald