Jamie is famous as singer and front-guy for 90s and noughties icons BLUEBOTTLE KISS. They’re freaking awesome. Now he’s on the solo trail, taking his nighttime visions and epic slices of drama in rock n roll form around the country and around the world.

“Jamie Hutchings, one of the greatest Australian songwriters of any generation.” DB Magazine

“Aimless, stunted boy-men rarely look appealing when not in a Judd Apatow script. But in this song, there’s an undeniably attractive hue over the disappointment. As on the album, Avalon Cassettes, it sits in a blurry world between folk and jazz, child and adult – and yes, it can hurt.” LA Times

“Avalon Cassettes is a heartfelt ode to Australia, to family, friends, memory gained and lost – yet it culminates in the strongest statement yet that Jamie Hutchings is a national treasure – someone who embraces human interaction, notes their nuances and intricacies, and paints these pictures in careful, loving strokes.”
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