In Jokes eh? Classic. Makes studio life hilarious and awesome, and makes sitting there listening to some guy working out how to sing a song he’s supposedly been “performing” live for a year now for the 10th time kinda ok.

WE ALL WANT TO’s hilarious and/or awesome moments so far, in point form:

  • Pretending a dried out kitchen sponge is a piece of toast.
  • The in joke, above, instead of the line “I was half brine, half salt”.
  • Taking tons of arty photos of snare drum cases and chords written on pieces of paper, as if we’re dEUS or some really mysterious enigmatic band.
  • Tuesday night was “pizza night”, we got loaded.
  • Talk of developing a software system and or iphone app to analyse the statistics of me and Darek’s predictions for which vocal line the other one will choose in the comp (yep we comp our vocal takes into one good one. Trade secret. But we use whole lines and sometimes whole verses unlike was it.. Tori Amos, who comps every single syllable? Someone research that for us?).
  • *This has almost unlimited potential, you could take on avatars of anyone in the band, or Darek, and choose your side, as it were. it’s gonna give Mob Wars a run for its money I reckon, and maybe even out sell the damn record. That’d be ironic, kinda.
  • Any one of us getting a rare chance to sit at the mixing desk, pressing the space bar to stop the music, and thinking we’re god.
  • Darek’s claim that there were a bunch of $2 coins down behind the toilet.
  • Me trying to use Ben’s mac (hence no photos yet).
  • Telling Dan we’ve done all the drum tracks every time he goes to the toilet.
  • Keeping the old screamfeeder “getting each other” mobile phone game alive and strong for the next generation.

Actual real awesome moments

  • Making the chart of all the songs and their parts about 2 weeks before recording, with Dan. We were both so keen that we both showed up with large pieces of paper and markers! Get the chart sorted and album’s as good as done.
  • Working out how lyrics and chords should really go, finally after feeling that they weren’t quite right for the last 9 months.
  • Josh recording bouzouki parts through a tiny Fender amp from 1953. That’s older than me.
  • Recording all the bass parts through a small Fender combo as well, sometimes sounding like Bruce Foxton from the Jam, a bit, and sometimes like The Stranglers, a bit. Sometimes even like Macca, a bit.
  • Josh playing a 6 string bass, but not the variety you have on a strap so short you have to wear it up under your chin, and you wear some kinda loose fitting harem pants, a goatee, dreads, and you never look at the fretboard. A real deal Burns of London bass from the 60s which looks like a tenor guitar. It was probably a tenner guitar back then too. Ca-ching!

We’ve recorded some songs, some old, some new. So far they’re called: Out Of The Woods, I’m Still Waiting, We’re Not Perfect, Where Sleeping Ends, and Shine – which is written very small on the chart, so it may not be the real title in the end. Next we’re doing Let’s Not Lose What We Had – the one we’ve been playing live for a year, where Skye and I play drums at the end. This should be interesting.