Having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves kicking out the jams at last week’s show at The Zoo – Congrats Grand Atlantic on brilliant launch – we’ve settled into a weekend of down time in preparation for a huge couple of months.

While Tim is away in Perth this weekend tending to Screamfeeder duties the rest of us are enjoying the quite hermitude of homebase. Todd with his new duvet suit, Paully mixing his compilation albums, Skye in flu recovery and yours truly tapping out hinterweb promo shots. Fear not though…if you’re up for a late night you can always catch our video for Back To The Car which will screen again on RAGE this week, sometime around 3am.

Thursday night this week Paully, Tim and myself hunkered down in the studio and set to learning a bunch of clash songs for the upcoming ‘Death Or Glory’ at The Troubadour. This coming week will have us rehearsing our little tails off for the ‘Rock For Daniel’ show at The Globe Theatre on Friday July 10. We’ll also be nailing down the final bits of pre-production for our sessions with Magoo over the weekend at Blackbox studios. On Wednesday and Thursday of this coming week a few of us will be jetting down to Sydney to work with Wayne Conolly at Alberts Studios mixing tracks we recorded earlier in the year with the man himself. The rough desk bounces sound amazing..can’t wait to hear the finished products. These tracks, including those we’ll record in August with Jamie Trevaskis will add to the current haul that will eventually make our full album scheduled for release later in the year.

So a big couple of months ahead for us..Lots of amazing stuff in the pipeline that’s way too early days to be spoiling surprises with 🙂

night for now.