So we’re making a video for Ramp Up The Bleeding – the opening song of our new album . [audio: | titles=Ramp Up The Bleeding]We’d like you to be in it. Here are some stills from the shooting we’ve already done. band rocking out kinda stuff. [nggallery id=16]The song has 3 main sections, each distinctly different. The last section is kinda manic and the idea is to have a rapid series of stills, pictures of people with signs, where they’ve written WHAT THEY WANT. This can be anything – at all.. Be clever, funny, whatever you want.. I guess we do get to choose which ones we use though :-\


It doesn’t have to be a handwritten sign, it can be a close up of a badge, some writing on your hand, a graffitied message, anything really, as long as the writing is really clear, and the photo is hi res. (Let’s keep it over 2000px to be on the safe side).

Do it, Now! Send us a link to your picture, or e mail it straight to us: