[singlepic id=231 w=250 float=right]Greetings folks and welcome to a fab new year. We trust you’ve celebrated well and binged responsibly over the holiday season. We’re well and truly rested and things at WAWT Inc couldn’t be better. We’ve just played our first show of the year for our March residency at the Dowse Bar Paddington. Joining us on Sunday were local wunderkids Okemah. It was their first ever show and we were gobsmacked. The combination of Angelic voices, immense talent and good looks means that they’ll be something well worth catching in the future.

Next week we’re back at the Dowse Bar again this time with the ever wonderful Kellie Lloyd who’s taking time out from her duties in Screamfeeder to go solo. She’s got an amazing album out and she’ll be playing toons from it. It’ll be an extra special day cause it’s Kel’s birthday, so come on down and help us celebrate it with her.

Watch this space for more Dowse Bar shows..You should check out our Facebook and add, like and befriend us to keep up to date. One other item of note; you should see our new tour dates..They are freakin awesome. We’ll be doing an East Coast jaunt through March, April and May with our good mates Halfway. Joining us will be the legendary Nick Barker, formerly of The Wreckery and Nick Barker & The Reptiles.

We’ve got shows backed up to the wahzoo in just about every major city so there’s no reason to miss any. You’ll kick yourself if you do.