Our new single A La Mode is here! Right there on the player, look! It’s also on our myspace and facebook pages.

The word:

Plus One Records in conjunction with Footstomp Music present WE ALL WANT TO, the self titled debut album for this 5 piece Brisbane band. Latest and most ambitious project for Screamfeeder frontman Tim Steward, the album also features the vocals of Skye Staniford, who penned the first single, the looped extravaganza A La Mode.

The album was recorded over a year and half and was produced by some of the country‚Äôs greats: Magoo and Wayne Connolly to name a couple. The sessions were already finished when Skye announced that she “had this song lying around”, which she’d recorded in a garage in Noosa one lazy holiday day.

She’d written the song on the fly – memories of a blissful balmy summer love affair for lyrics – and played everything on it, looping and looping up a storm as the day went on. Tim added a bassline and recorded a couple of minutes of Dan’s drumming on the 4 track at practice, and A La Mode proper was born.

By far the happiest song on the album, it’s an upbeat summertime bliss-out, teasing you with the late introduction of a bassline and slamming beat.

Please request us on the radio!! It’d be lovely to get the momentum rolling for the album with some airplay.