ON THE DOTS. Album #4 out soon..

Recording commenced in September 2017 in a house in rural NSW, we tracked the drums and bass for 15 songs over a week, with Branko Cosic engineering.

The album has been completed over intervening months, the band working with a  host of Brisbane greats: Magoo, Darek Mudge, Bryce Moorhead, Keelan Sanders, Jeff Lovejoy and others.

As well as recording with the “new” line up featuring Scott and Arron, the songs and feel of the album are different from what we’ve done before.

Tim’s songs were largely written in England during his trip for the Grant McLennan fellowship and Skye’s collection is her most fully-realised yet, spanning dark and light moods, daytime melodies and night time laments.

Until On The Dots is released, revisit our previous releases..