OK we’re out of bed

We have been busy writing, recording demos, eating Christmas pud and generally gadding about the place.

Starting late Feb we’re all gonna be gadding about together in the van – we have gigs booked. It’s really exciting. We’ll play you some of our new songs.

It’s been too long, we can’t wait to get out and see you all again!

A Band On Ship!

We’re playing a BOAT CRUISE! In good Old School Brisbane style, we will set sail up and down the river as the sun sets, blasting it out while 100 lucky punters try and drink as many beers as they can in 3 hours. That’s Aussie. That’s Brisbane. Make sure you get on board…

Also playing: Some Jerks.
**Tickets on sale soon! Limited to 100**

Departure point is the park by the Mowbray Park City Cat Terminal. (NOT the actual city cat terminal).
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Streets of Your Town

August 12th sees the release of our brand new single and video, a cover of The Go-Betweens’ classic “Streets of Your Town”.

After playing it live at Take The Lead it was a pretty obvious choice for a great song to release. This really marks the end of our Come Up Invisible period, and the turning point into the era of what will be our next album. We’re already demo-ing new songs.. it’s exciting, nothing old whatsoever, no cupboard-clearing this time round, it’s new new new all the way.

BUY STREETS OF YOUR TOWN HERE on CD, digital, or get it free with Come Up Invisible or No Signs!