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  • The Haze

    May 2015 | The Haze

    Our third album is released on May 8th.. Take advantage of the killer deals - pre-order now!

  • Road to Ruin


    The first single from THE HAZE is out now. Get it for free when you pre-order the album on iTunes

The Haze Presale

Our album THE HAZE officially goes on sale on May 8th.

Here you can pre-order the CD, the Vinyl, and a whole bunch of cool stuff. Aside from the CD and the black vinyl, NONE of these goodies will be available in shops.

You can only get them here or at our gigs, and once the small-run items are gone, they’re gone.

Digital Delivery: Pre-order the album and receive first single Road to Ruin now, the album on release date. Includes non-CD/Vinyl bonus track “Learn to Fight”.
CD Delivery: CDs and bundles will be posted in April, ahead of the official release date.
Vinyl Delivery: Albums and bundles will be posted by the release date.

Get ROAD TO RUIN for free when you pre-order THE HAZE on iTunes here!

Presale deals – CD, Vinyl, clothing and much more..

A Band On Ship 2014!

Oct 6, 2014

a-band-on-ship3Last year we got together on a boat, chugged up and down the river, and blasted out our easiest 12 songs whilst drinking $4 beers and eating $1 packets of chips.

It ruled. So much in fact that we’re doing it again for our last gig of whgat has been a very busy year.

Get your rickets early, this isn’t to be missed!
*Tickets on sale too..

Kids welcome too, for free! (we’ll keep it clean).

Boarding 4.00pm, ends 7.00pm.
Mowbray Park, East Brisbane.

Take The Lead II: Chicas

Sep 29, 2014


We return to our tradition of passing-the-microphone for a one-off show at The Old Museum on Thursday 6th November. “Take The Lead II” will feature 8 guest singers, all of them local, contemporary, sassy and – female. Guests will re-interpret 2 of our songs each in varied, spontaneous, new and unexpected ways.

The spotlight will be on Brisbane artists, bands and songs – a celebration of the rich musical heritage of the city, over 90 minutes. At any one time, there will be the five core members of WE ALL WANT TO plus the guest singer and additional musical guests as required. It’s going to be “a unique and memorable evening of outstanding performances, great songs and a rich, absorbing musical experience“.

If you liked last year’s TAKE THE LEAD, you’re gonna love this. It’s free entry too!

The Guests: